Hot Tubs

Hot tubs, Jacuzzis, spas – they are known by many names, but all share one single attribute: they offer one of the most blissful experiences that the human body can perceive. The luxurious swirls of warm, pumped water reinvigorates the skin and massages muscles and joints to deliver you into a deep, relaxed state. The physical euphoria will thereafter transcend your emotions into the subconscious, and unwound yourcloggedawareness into perfect tranquillity. There is a reason why hydrotherapy has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Today, hot tubs have become an indispensable part of modern life to those that can afford them; even hotels and resorts install hot tubs for their guests.

Back in the late 1950s, buying a hot tub was a fairly simple matter. After all, the seven Jacuzzi brothers had only produced a single Jacuzzi model then – the J-300. Today, the saturated hot tub market is flooded with literally thousands of models – and that doesn’t include the customised models. Obviously, buying a hot tub these days takes a little more thought. However, you can quickly narrow down your choices with the following five questions.

  • How many people will be using the hot tub? For married couples, a cosy tub for two makes sense. But if you have kids, family-sized tubs are the way to. What about the neighbours and colleagues at the office? Will they invite themselves over once they hear you bragging about the miraculous powers of the hot tub? Suddenly, an eight-person tub doesn’t sound like a bad idea.
  • In-ground or above ground models? Do you want to keep your lovely mosaic floor tiles or St. Augustine grass, or maybe move the tub around a little? Or do you prefer to keep the unsightly wires, pumps and generators out of sight in the ground?
  • Where do you live? Local climates can play a large role when selecting hot tubs. Colder climates would require tubs with full-foam insulation to minimise heat loss. The price difference can be significant. If you’re planning on leaving the unit on throughout the evening or day, power efficiency is another important consideration – especially for larger models.
  • What type of hydrotherapy do you prefer? Just a simple jet at the bottom, or are you looking at tubs with specialised side jets? Or perhaps those with adjustable or removable jets? Will it also be used as part of a physical rehabilitation program?
  • Are you planning on upgrading? A lot of modern hot tubs offer numerous upgrade options such as waterfall attachments, extra jets and handrails.

Once you’ve spent time on the questions above, you can finally settle down on the colours and finishing.

But wait, we’re not done yet!

To further enhance your hydrotherapy experience, consider getting some extra accessories. A small steps attachment, with a good grip, is great for getting in and out of tubs. Some even come with side rails for stability. A bench attachment is another great accessory for your hot tub as it provides a place to sit and change. A shelf or drink tray attachment, meanwhile, is an important accessory to have if you’re spending time to chat with friends. Nothing stops a conversion quicker than a parched throat. Also, a low mount cover is crucial to keep the bugs and leaves out of the hot tub. Imagine rushing home to your tub only to spend an hour cleaning it out!