Things to consider before getting a hot tub

After years of being just all too exclusive for us working people, today luckily there are plenty of spas which you can buy for your home straight away. No matter whether you want them inside or outside, they look great and they realy carry the promise of ensuring a great, relaxing time for all the family. But there are a couple of downsides to these spas which need to be addressed, in order ensure everyone will use this great place healthily for a long time.

1.) A Hot tub is not a bath tub

In order for you to learn how to use hot bath properly, you should learn about how the Japanese do it. They would only and exclusively use the spa as a relaxing place where they would only go after being thoroughly cleaned beforehand. Do not think, just because you sit in your hot tub which is full of chlorine or other disinfectant, that it would make up for cleaning because it won't. Even if you invite others to your tub hand them over a towel and ask them to take a good shower before they enter in the spa. You will have a way cleaner, much healthier water which will last way longer than it normally would.

2.) Hot does not equal healthy

Many people confuse the words "hot" and "thermal". But they are very different. While thermal water is a naturally rich water in chemicals and other minerals which would automatically make the water stay clean simply hot water won't be able to do that. You should disinfect your spa once every one or two weeks ( depending on the shower rule)

3.) Hot water will not save you from some bacteria

Apart from the disinfectants which are added to the water automatically or what you add by yourself you ought to give your spa a good cleaning. Hot water often confuses us and makes us believe that the water is magically clean this way but this is far from reality. If the water exchanges more than a few people do not hesitate to get all water out and give the inside a good wash. You will see it will leave you much healthier than usual.

4.) Always cover your spa when you aren't using it

This is a golden rule: not only meant as to avoid someone falling into it, it will really help to keep the water clean and warm in the same time. Unless you are up for cleaning it every day you need to be careful and make sure you keep everything that can float on or fall into the water will stay outside of it. This is especially true for all those who have their hot tub outside in their garden or on their patio.

I hope that this serves as a good lesson to learn and prepare especially for those who would like to invest in a hot tub planning it to be a long haul family entertainment.